Return of the Third Thursday

Once upon a time THIRSTY people met on the third Thursday of the month. This gathering was to get out and sample commercial craft/import beer available in the area. The venue was ever changing and the single requirement was a tap list offering of craft or import beer. With Iowa City having a brewery (Big Grove Brewery and Taproom) and Coralville boasting 3 (Guildwurst (Boot’n Flute), Reunion Brewery and Backpocket), plus the plethora of Iowa beer on tap around town, it is time to renew this THIRSTY event.

  • April 19 7pm – Guildwurst Tavern
  • May 17 7pm Reunion Brewery
  • June 21 7pm Backpocket Brewery
  • July 19 7pm TBD
  • August 16 7pm TBD 



The first THIRSTY homebrew competition was held Spring of 1994 with 104 entries. In 2003 the name was changed to the THIRSTY Classic and has endured until 2016. Regretfully, the THIRSTY Classic has been retired.

 Through the years the Classic has been supported by Millstream Brewing and their staff. Millstream was the receiver for the entries and the site of the competition itself. Millstream Brewery was a perfect venue for our competition. Since 2003 I have been the competition coordinator. I have handled each bottle entered (~1500 entries), managed the data entry of entrant information, and mailed ribbons and score sheets. Through this process I feel like I know many of you. Over the years I began to recognize familiar names of people who supported the competition by entering their beer, mead or cider year after year. I had the good fortune to sample your entries after the judging finishedl. I have formed great friendships with judges who came year after year to help make the THIRSTY competition successful. You judges deserve a hand, as judging at the Classic wasn’t always a smooth process.

Thank you

Susan Walsh
THIRSTY Classic Coordinator
THIRSTY President